Couple of workouts this week
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Couple of workouts this week

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It’s not running in San Diego, but I have gotten a couple of workouts in this week. Yesterday I ended up at the YMCA with Steve, Erick, Scott and Scott H. to discuss what we wanted to do to try and keep each other on track. We had a quick 30 minute meeting, then we hit the weights for a half hour or so. It was a good workout, but I still hate weight training. I have to change that mentality if I want to shrink my body fat %.

Tonight, I went to the Y with Nita and we both did our own treadmill workout. We must have been doing something right because at different times, one or the both of us were grunting. 🙂 I wore my Garmin to get some good HR data. The link to that on Garmin Connect follows the summary of the Runervals workout:

  • 36:45 Minutes
  • 137 Avg Heart Rate
  • 172 Max Heart Rate
  • 560 Calories burned
  • 2.82 Miles

Here’s the link to the HR data on Garmin Connect:

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