Runervals two point OH MY GOD!
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Runervals two point OH MY GOD!

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So tonight Teri and I met Nita at the Tacoma Center YMCA for some indoor workin’ out. You may recall a few weeks ago, I bought all of the Runervals DVD’s after enjoying (ha!) the first in the series so much. So tonight, wanting a longer, more challenging workout, I decided to pop on Runervals 2.0. HOLY CRAP have I got a ways to go!!! But I’ll tell you what, if I can do this workout as designed someday . . . I’ll DEFINITELY feel like I’m a runner again.

The workout STARTS with a three minute run at 3.0 MPH above your base pace. In 1.0, my BP was 4.0 MPH . . . so I handled the 3 minutes at 7.0 MPH without much issue. The next set goes for four intervals of 90 seconds on and 30 seconds off at 3.0 MPH above your base pace. The catch is, the 90 seconds are at a 2.0 % grade. And while in the 1.0 DVD your “rest” period would be back at base pace, no such luck here, your 30 second “rest” period was still at 3.0 MPH above BP, but the incline was back to 0.0. I had to slow down, so the 90 seconds on I was at 5.6 – 7.0 MPH and the 30 seconds off, I was back at a BP of 3.5 MPH.

Next up was the same 4 sets of 90 seconds on and 30 seconds off . . but it was supposed to be 4.0 MPH above BP and a 3.0% Grade. I basically did the same as before, 5.6 – 7.0 MPH during the “ON” portion @ 3.0% grade and back down to 3.5 MPH during the 30 seconds Off.

The next set was 3 intervals of 90 seconds on and 30 second off, but 5.0 MPH above BP and a 4.0% grade. Again, handled the grade just fine, but kept the speed down around 5.6 MPH ON and 3.5 MPH off. HOWEVER, during this set, I DID do 45 seconds at 8.0 MPH and a 4.0% grade. Wow! I kept screaming “I can’t do it Jillian!!”

The final set was the killer. (OK, they all sucked and I didn’t do one of them in it’s entirety with the exception of the 3 minute “warm up”) It consisted of 3 intervals of one minute on and one minute off at 5 MPH above BP and SIX percent grade!!! Yes, 6.0% incline! I did do one full minute at 6 MPH and 6.0% incline, but wowsers did that hurt. I thought I was gonna vomit.

I ended up going about 3.77 miles over the nearly 47 minutes. I forgot to set my weight and age on the machine, so I don’t have an accurate count of calories burned, but I would guesstimate around 700 ish?

This was certainly a challenging workout! I just hope sometime in the NEAR future, I can do it as prescribed!

Here’s a link to the HR data on Garmin Connect:

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