P90X – Lean – Day 4 – Yoga X
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P90X – Lean – Day 4 – Yoga X

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Well, I did it. It took some finagling but I managed to get my workout in. Thankful it was a relatively light workload day. I’m going to have to redouble my dedication if I have a scheduling conflict like this again. It would have been just too easy to say F-it.

So Yoga X was actually pretty fun. I’m so not even close to being able to do all the moves, especially how they were intended and I’m super inflexible. But at the end of the workout, all 93 minutes of it, I came away pretty refreshed and as stretched out as I think I have been in quite awhile. It even had me thinking that someday I might even want to try hot yoga.

The first section of the workout has you doing moves that can get a bit repetitive: Chaterunga, into upward dog, to plank, to downward dog, to Runners pose, to Warrior 1, to Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior and then back through it. Over and over and over again with only slight variations. I can’t quite do them all as fluidly as the perfect specimens on the TV, but I can see if I get my gut to shrink and my abs to tighten even the slightest, and improve my flexibility some, I will get better. Like swinging your leg through to go from downward dog to runners pose, I could never quite get my leg all the way through.

The next section was mostly stability exercises, and I’m actually fairly good at them. I want more flexibility, but overall I did pretty good. The last section is some serious stretching and Ab work. Really need to work on this too. At 93 minutes, this IS a long workout. But I DO think eventually it will become one of my favorites.

Tomorrow is shoulders & back and I haven’t installed my pullup bar yet, so I’m going to have to hope for alternate exercises with bands for now anyway. I really want a pullup/dip station, but I’m pretty sure that would be where Teri draws the line for exercise equipment in the master bedroom.

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