P90X Lean – Day 5 – Legs and Back
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P90X Lean – Day 5 – Legs and Back

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Goodness, can you say squats and lunges?! Wowser! At the end of this workout your legs definitely know they’ve been worked! As you can imagine there are a lot of variations of squats and lunges in this workout. I guess Tony Horton had designed it as a 100% legs workout and then got pushback from the trial group that he needed to break it up some. So he added in some back stuff, which in P90X land, that means pullups of every variety. Wide grip, narrow grip, alternating grip . . . etc. etc. I hadn’t installed my P90X pullup bar and actually decided against it. I just really didn’t want to mount something to the wall. I was looking in the P90X workout guide and it mentioned that you could do the pullups with bands, but they failed to mention that you needed to have somewhere on the ceiling to attach the bands. So I just basically stood on the bands and different types of curls for the pullup variations. Probably not as effective, but it kept me moving. Today however, I’ve secured a Power Tower on Craigslist and will be using that from now on to do pullups. Using the assisted pullup band from P90X of course. I doubt I could do even 1/2 a pullup at this point.

The workout also called for Ab Ripper X to be done, but I was running late so I skipped that. (Bad John!) But I’m going to try and squeeze it in later this afternoon. After I run to Steilacoom and pick up this power tower. I figure if it’s way too big or I end up not using it, I can always sell it again on Craigslist. Paying $50.00 is better than $200 to determine you’re not going to use something. But I think it’s gonna get some use . . . if it can handle my big body!

Tomorrow is Kenpo X, which will prove once and for all how utterly uncoordinated I am! Sunday I’m hoping to get into the YMCA for a treadmill run of 4+/- Miles. We’ll see.

Still having fun, still pushing play!

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